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Gravity Guy

Game introduction

Gravity Guy is really fun game. If you adore your twitch games, Gravity Guy will stretch your hand-eye coordination to its very limits. If you prefer slower-paced games, Gravity Guy is your worst nightmare. The average player could do far worse than spend small portions of time with the game, though. When things get too frustrating, hang back and try again in an hour. Sometimes freedom must come slowly to those who run.

Unlockable Achievements for Gravity Guy

10 checkpoints - Pass 10 consecutive checkpoints without dying

100 endless runs - Play 100 runs in endless mode

20 checkpoints hero - Pass 20 consectuive checkpoints without dying

250 endless runs - Play 250 runs in endless mode

3 checkpoints - Pass 3 consecutive checkpoints without dying

35,000 points later... - Reach a score of at least 35,000 in endless mode

5 checkpoints - Pass 5 consecutive checkpoints without dying

50,000 points and counting - Reach a score of at least 50,000 in endless mode

Amazing Escape - Finish Story mode

Gravity Bender - Flipped gravity 100 times

Grim Reaper - Died 100 times

LAN Party - Paly 100 rounds of Multiplayer mode

Lover - Played Gravity Guy for 10 hours

Moon Walk - Runt he distance from earth to the moon

Perfect Game - Finish Story mode in one go, without dying even once

Controls of the Gravity Guy

You can play this game by "Space" key or "Mouse". Furthermore, it is necessary to control and check your skills and reflexes very well.

Something about, Gravity Guy game

Gravity Guy is about a guy who is jailed for going against the will of gravity. He has escaped, and must outrun and out-flip his captors. To us ground-dwelling mortals, it seems pointless to go after someone who effs with gravity, as gravity is pretty much its own judge, jury, and executioner. But Gravity Guy lives in a world where down is up, up is down, and those who don’t want to keep two feet on the ground at all times must run, run, run.