G-Switch 2

3.8 out of 5 (based on 519 ratings)
G-Switch 2

G-Switch 2 - Enjoy fast running at the Comfort of your Home !

G-Switch 2 is amazing fast paced, gravity-fliping game of an action-packed platformer where you nee to tap key to cause your gravity to make perpetually hero running to invert. This will allow him to talk among ceilings and dodge objects AND sail across chasms... if you are fast enough?

Controls of the Game for G-Switch 2

You have two options. You can use your mouse or you will use your keyboard. When you click LEFT click of your mouse or on yuor X on the KEYBOARD to invert gravity.

Tips and Tricks to Play G-Switch 2

When playing Multiplayer try.. to avoid two androids or more.. symmetrically getting crushed against each other in mid-air.

game review for G-Switch 2

G-Switch 2 is amazing, awesome or however you want it, its great game. "Multiplayer" lets up to six players crowd around your keyboard to see who can survive the longest. So call your friends and try this great game, have fun !