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Exit Path

Exit Path - Enjoy super fast running at the Comfort of your Home !

Exit Path filled with achievements, the reward for each one being a new piece of "flair" that you can use to customize your character, make it a bit more personal (but don't worry, 15 pieces are not required for proper performance). And that personality is going to be important once you get into multiplayer mode, where you'll be playing under an automatically assigned guest name, unless you already have an Armor Games account, which will be used instead.

Tips and Tricks to Play Exit Path

The need to move quickly is integrated directly into gameplay, not only with the constantly ticking clock, but also the need to build up "flow" by keeping up a constant momentum. There are also hard to reach collectibles, and a few challenges that you'll have to think about before jumping into, so there are going to be some times you'll want to go a little slower, but even then, there's still an overbearing sense of urgency.

Controls of the Game

Controls are simple you need to use:

[W,S,A,D] in order to move around or you can use [ARROW] keys.

game review

Exit Path is really fun game, but controls can be very touchy, and some of the traps you have to make your way through are going to test your patience, but those of you who are already accustomed to John's style should have a lot to love in Exit Path. And for those of you who don't, well, there's always the audit room for you!