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Game Review for Fastest game EVER

G-Switch is a flawed masterpiece. You can't even rely on pure reaction, as there are some leaps-of-faith whose results only become apparent after a couple of run-thrus. But if everything is working right, and you've learned from your mistakes

Tips & Tricks to pwn at this game

Control your robotic runner with either the [X] button or your mouse button, either of which will cause him to leap from whatever platform he is on to his inevitable death! You have to control your robotic runner with button [X] or with your mouse button. It will cause him to leap from whatever platfom he is no in order hem to avoid his death!

Controls of the Game

Click with left mouse button or press X to invert gravity

Something about G-Switch game

G-Switch is an awesome game. This awesome game keeps the familiar gameplay intact, with polished visuals and its local multiplayer bumped from six to eight. As before, your character never stops running, so just click or hit any key you want to cause them to flip up and down on the screen, running along floor or ceiling (whatever that may be for the direction the track is going), and trying to avoid obstacles or plummeting to your death on your way to the forcefield-like checkpoints.